A time for sharing of love and grief

A visitation offers a chance for the family and friends to come together in a informal setting to "pay their final respects".  It is an appropriate time and place for the community to share its grief and condolances.  Generally the casket is placed in the room giving friends and family a chance to view the body and say there good bye.  Some people elect to have the casket closed to the public and have a private viewing for the family only.  Regardless of the option chosen the visitation is an important time for mourners to meet and console each other in a more informal setting than at the funeral.

The visitation can be scheduled for as little as half an hour on the day of the service, or more commonly it is scheduled for the evening before the funeral ceremony.  This offers more flexability and allows people with work or school committments an opportunity to participate.  

The visitation can be restricted to just close friends and family, or be open to the public. You can even have a combination of private and public hours.

Is there a special ceremony?
As part of the visitation, you can arrange a formal ceremony, an informal ceremony, or none at all. The formal ceremony might be a brief service with the saying of the rosary (for Catholics) or prayers for the dead led by a mourner or member of the clergy.  Many families select a video tribute to be produced and showen during the visitation.  This provides a story in pictures for all to enjoy.  Many families will bring personel items of the deceased to be displayed.  There are as many options as there are ideas and our staff will help you in planning a meaning visitation for your family.